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Why Fluff and Fold?

We are experienced

Fluff & Fold Laundry and Dry Cleaning is a family owned business that has been serving the families and businesses of Monmouth County for over 10 years! That is a lot of laundry, stains, and careful folding. Let our experience and expertise, handle your laundry with the care it deserves.

We deliver

We don’t just deliver your Wash and Fold services in 24 hours but we also deliver on customer service. Give Fluff & Fold laundry in Monmouth County a try today. There are no long term contracts or hidden fees and you can cancel or suspend your account at anytime.  Start relaxing and stop doing laundry, redefine your laundry day with Fluff & Fold.

We care

We are a small business that cares about our customers, their clothes, and the environment. Our facility uses high efficient, eco friendly machines and practices to not just preserve your clothes but also the environment. We pay close attention to your special instructions and preferences to meet your needs. Get started today and see the difference with Fluff & Fold.

It’s Just This Easy

Signup and customize your preferences. It’s quick and secure.

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Hypoallergenic? Folded or rolled? Boxed or hung? Hot, warm or cold?
However you want it, that’s how we’ll do it!


  • All Free & Clear™
  • Tide™
  • Seventh Generation™

Dryer Sheets

  • All Free & Clear™
  • Bounce™

Fabric Softeners

  • All Free & Clear™
  • Sauvitel™

Color-safe Bleach

  • OxiClean™
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We think we can all agree there aren’t too many things worse than cleaning and folding laundry. Why put yourself through it every week? Let Fluff & Fold give you back time to enjoy friends and family, study for big tests, or just relax. Redefine your laundry day with Fluff & Fold.
Dry Cleaning
Fluff & Fold is your answer for the best dry cleaners in New Jersey. We take the utmost care of all your special garments and can handle all of your clothing apparel and household items needs. Our attention to detail and superior customer service will leave your favorite shirt, suit, or family linens in great shape and smelling wonderful. Click here for a full list of dry cleaning prices
Commercial Laundry
Whether your business needs one-time, short term, or recurring laundry pick-up, Fluff & Fold Laundry and Dry Cleaning has you covered. Our laundry specialists wash, fold, and deliver the clean linens, towels, mop heads, and robes right to your facility. What are you waiting for? Email hello@fluffandfoldlaundry.com or call (732) 844-8492 today to get your personalized quote that fits your businesses’ needs.

Super Easy Scheduling

Schedule your pickups in advance or the night before. Put laundry day on a repeating schedule or just when you need it. Use your home or office address.  No matter what your preference, Fluff & Fold laundry service has you covered with easy to use click and text scheduling, free reminders, and 24 hour turnaround your laundry day just got a whole lot better.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fluff & Fold does such an excellent job, why should I do laundry myself? How could it get any easier, bagged, folded and smelling great!- Kari
Great service! I've used it before and loved it. NOthing better than coming home to a fresly laundered bag of clean clothes waiting on your doorsetp - Angela
The best in the area. They do my laundry every week and I'm very happy with the cost, promptness of service and how everything is so neatly folded. Why do it yourself?- Gordon
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